How to Review your will?

Reviewing your Will

We recommend that you Will be reviewed at least every 2 years or whenever your circumstances change.

Have your circumstances changed with the result that your Will could now be out of date?. Complete this checklist to determine if your Will needs reviewing and updating.

You will need to look at your Will and see when you made it. Then spend a few minutes thinking about whether any of the following or other factors have changed in your life since you made your Will.

If you tick yes to any of these you should consider revising and updating your Will.

  • Death of a beneficiary
  • Birth of an additional beneficiary e.g. testator’s child
  • Engagement to Marry
  • Marriage
  • Separation from a spouse
  • Divorce
  • Entering into a De-facto relationship
  • Breakdown in a relationship with relatives or friends
  • Disposal of major assets
  • Acquisition of major assets
  • Are the executors names in your Will still the ones you want?
  • Have you made a gift or loan of money to one of your beneficiaries which affects the division of your estate e.g. for school or university fees, or a house deposit?

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