Making a Will – How To

What is a Will?

A Will is a written legally binding document, normally written in a special format, which is designed to define your wishes for your assets after your death.

It also can provide instructions on other matters, such as funeral arrangements, your infant children guardians etc.

A will can be changed as many times as you like during your lifetime. Is it time for you to review your will?

How do I make a Will?

As long as you are over 18 years of age and of a sound mind you can and should make a Will.

You must select at least one Beneficiary to take the estate and at least one Executor to be responsible for the financial arrangements.

Some of the things you might wish to consider when making your Will are:

  • Who are my potential beneficiaries? eg: spouse, children, grandchildren, others, what if they die before I do?
  • What gifts will I leave them? eg: a sum of money, an object, a right to reside in a house for life, or a share of my estate.
  • Who should I make my executor or trustee to carry out my wishes in a proper manner?
  • Who should be the guardians of my children?